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is a computer system designed to test a variety of chronological variables to see if they are consistent with the synchronistic historical data.

Several scholars recently have suggested bold new claims about the chronology of the ancient Near East that have been the result of speculative new approaches or even sterile conjecture. But at the same time, we possess today a wealth of synchronisms that can be used to check to see if these new claims are valid.

Some Egyptologists have even created new chronologies (or attempted to calculate historical error rates) without consulting the synchronistic data of the greater ancient Near East. While this is methodologically flawed, the trend does bring to light the fact that the amount of synchronisms has only increased over the last 30 years becoming cumbersome to the ancient orientalist who must try to mentally juggle the implications of dozens of synchronisms simultaneously.

This is where can help. is a program suite and a distributed computer environment that has the ability to validate potential chronologies by the synchronistic data and flagging those chronologies or event data that may be inconsistent with the chronological sequences.


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Below is a list of information about . The top link will take you to a live front-end of the last (or currently running) simulation.

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is not an information site. This site does not provide an absolute chronology that can be used as a reference. is a test lab and any results found on this site are contingent upon experimental conditions and theoretical presuppositions. This site may change frequently given the state of play in the field and the rapid development of the program suite.

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